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Sikh Men Who Rescued Hikers at a BC Park Honored by RCMP

VANCOUVER, CANADA –  Several Sikh men were honored by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for helping rescue two stranded individuals from Lower Falls at Golden Ears Park on October 11th.

Gagandeep Singh, Gurpreet Singh, Arvindjeet Singh, Kulinder Singh and Ajay Kumar, were presented with Community Leader Awards in recognition of their bravery and heroic actions by the RCMP.


The men were hiking in the park when they noticed two hikers stranded on a rock ledge.  The men used several of their dastars (turbans) and unraveled the makeshift “rescue line” then over the steep rock to help pull up the hikers to safety.

The rescued individuals, who were not publicly identified, thanked the Sikh men for extricating them from the ledge. A video recorded of the rescue has been widely distributed over social media

Five Surrey- based international students at Golden Ears provincial park in B.C., saved the lives of two hikers, who were stranded on the edge of a steep hill close to the falls. They used their turbans and clothes to make a rope & brought these hikers to safety.
— OMNI Punjabi (@OMNIpunjabi) October 20, 2021



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