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Jathedar Nihang Baba Narain Singh Ji and Three Other Singhs Surrender for Bringing Beadbi Perpetrator to Justice

NEW DELHI (KP) – Four Nihang Singhs, Jathedar Baba Narain Singh Ji, Nihang Bhagwant Singh, and Nihang Gobind Singh, and Nihang Sarbjit Singh all surrendered at various police stations in Haryana and Punjab. All of them openly took responsibility for bringing to justice the culprit who had had desecrated the sacred Saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Sarbloh Granth Sahib at the Delhi Haryana border yesterday.

The culprit, Lakhbir “Titoo”, from Cheema Kalan, Taran Taaran, Punjab was caught by a group of Nihang Singhs early Friday morning committing the sacrilege, and was quickly apprehended and punished for the crimes.     Audios and videos on social media sites show Lakhbir confessing that he had been paid by certain people to desecrate the sacred Saroops.

Lakhbir can then be heard repeating the names of the Sikh Guru Sahibans, and asking for forgiveness and punishment of the crimes. The Nihang Singhs then announced that since the culprit has confessed his crimes, and asked for appropriate punishment – it done accordingly.

Lakhbir Titoo was then punished by severing one of his hands, and feet, and was then tied up on a metal barrier for the public to see the consequences of what should happen if anyone tries desecrating the sacred scriptures of the Sikh Panth.

Sarbjit Singh, had already courted arrest at the Haryana Kundli Police station for his involvement in the punishment of Lakhbir.  Jathedar Baba Narain Singh Ji Nihang surrendered to the Amritsar police the next morning after given Siropas at Amarkot Gurdwara Sahib.  Nihang Bhagwant Singh, and Nihang Gobind Singh surrendered soon afterwards to the Haryana police, and also accepted responsibility.

Nihang Baba Narain Singh Ji stated that so many incidents of beadbi have across Punjab in the past few years, including the the Bargari sacrilege, yet no actions been taken by the authorities.  He stated our only option for beadbi incidents is that for such a heinous crime the perpetrator should be “punished on the spot”.

Interestingly, communist leaning farmer union leaders have however distanced themselves from the incident, and made it point to condemn the Nihang Singhs involved and made no mention of the serious desecrations incidents.

Panthic organizations have openly come in support of the Nihang Singhs’ actions, and stated this is only option the Panth has to halt the epidemic of beadbi incidents.


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