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Final Assault Documentary : Punjab in India’s Cross-hairs

A short 12 minute preview of the Final Assault Documentary and learn how Modi and the BJP plan to turn the Punjab region into an inhospitable desert.

Final Assault is a fact-driven eye-opening documentary about the water crisis in Punjab. Policies have been put in place by the Center for the past several decades that inhibit Punjab’s ability to use its’ natural resources for state revenue.

It details the startling truth behind how Punjab’s water was stolen by India’s central governments since 1947, leading to Punjab’s current sate of economic stagnation, high rates emigration and farmer suicide.

Director Sukhdeep Singh aims to educate the public on the ongoing crisis, which if left neglected will result in the final assault for Punjab.

  • The Saraswati project has been on the agenda of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Haryana government since it came to power in October 2014.
  • It bypasses all environmental reviews and clearances generally required for similar projects.
  • Project plans major diversion of Punjab river water in Himachal Pardes via new aqueducts and tunnels.
  •  Potential for BJP turn Saraswati project into a religious fueling point as was done with Ajodhya Ram Temple.

Full Final Assault Documentary Video:


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