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National Panthic Conference (UK) Affirms Support for Bhai Amritpal Singh, Call for Mobilization of Sikhs

CONVENTRY, UK – In response to the recent wave of Indian repression of Panjab, Sikhs in the UK called a National Panthic conference on Saturday 1 April at Guru Nanak Parkash Gurdwara Coventry.

Over 50 UK Gurdwara’s and 30 Panthic organisations took part in the conference called by the Federation Sikh Organisations (FSO) and Sikh Youth and Student organisations.

The conference allowed Sikhs, from across the UK, to express their collective anger and pain at the situation in Panjab. Once again, the Indian state is abusing human rights and targeting the Sikh legal and democratic right to expression for sovereignty, Khalistan, and Sikh resistance to their subjugation in Panjab.

Updates were shared on the latest situation in Panjab, Bhai Amritpal Singh and the many illegally detained supporters.

National Sikh Conference UK 2023 – Sangat

The conference collectively declared the following resolutions:

  1. Support to i) Amritpal Singh, Waris Punjab De, ii) those campaigning to free all detainees and long-standing Sikh political prisoners, iii) Self·determination and establishment of Khalistan.
  2. A call for a Panthic gathering to take us towards a Sarbat Khalsa where the Panth can collectively form a programme for Khalistan.
  3. Establish a working group to co-ordinate and guide the UK Panthic response.
  4. Select and send a UK delegation to attend and represent at the Sarbat Khalsa.
  5. Establish a Think Tank to counter the Prevent Strategy and targeting of Sikh Activism and social media censorship.

A more detailed action plan for community engagement and mobilisation was openly discussed and organisers will commence work on the approved resolutions with immediate effect.

Jas Singh said, “It was great to see such a diverse representation of our community, including elders, women, youth and students come out together to share their concerns and views on how the Sikh Panth should respond to this new challenge from the Indian state.”

‘The community were extremely troubled about how the UK government was becoming more and more complicit in supporting India’s anti-democratic and repressive actions, while turning a blind eye on moss human rights abuses by the state authorities.”

“Such gatherings and dialogue in the community are very important and essential to allow expression and collective strategic decision making, especially when navigating such state sponsored discrimination and propaganda. The resolutions passed give equal importance to both events in Panjab and how the UK sangat must also reorganise in the face of increasing threats, both online and on the ground.”

The National Panthic Conference statement was issued by:

  • Federation of Sikh Organisations
  • Sikh Youth Organisations

Video coverage of conference:


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