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KHALSA AID – Open Letter to Indian High Commission Regarding Human Rights Situation in Punjab

LONDON, UK –  The Sikh humanitarian organization, KHALSA AID published an open letter to the Indian High Commission regarding the curent crisis in Punjab.

In regards to the desecration of Sri Guru Granth Ji’s Saroops and the ensuing aftermath, the NGO stated that were “deeply troubled by the events in Punjab”, and that “the unreasonable and unnecessary use of lethal force has resulted in deaths and injuries.”

The organization demanded the Indian Government “stop the use of force against its own citizens and defend their legitimate right to protest peacefully.”, and “the authorities to take immediate action to arrest the bring to justice not only those responsible for the persistent religious provocation across Panjab, but also those members of the Indian forces responsible for the deaths and injurues of the protestors.”

KHALSA AID has provided financial assistance for the medical needs of some of the Sikhs who were injured and hospitalized during the protests.

The full open letter is published below:


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