Sikh NGO, Khalsa Aid Provides Essential Assistance for Refugees Traveling through Serbia

The Sikh humanitarian organization, Khalsa Aid has been distributing food and blankets to needy refugees passing through Serbia for several weeks.  Even non-Sikh volunteers joined the effort with Kanwar Singh from Khalsa Aid.

Khalsa Aid was started in 1999 by Ravi Singh, and its first mission was to provide food and shelter to the refugees on the Albania/ Yugoslavia border where thousands of victims of the war in Yugoslavia were taking shelter. Sixteen years later, the focus remains the same.

Over the last decade and a half, Khalsa Aid has worked and coordinated relief projects in Albania (aiding displaced Kosovan refugees), Turkey (earthquake relief),  Orissa in India (rehabilitation after a typhoon), Gujarat in India (earthquake response relief aid), DR Congo (relief efforts in response to a volcanic eruption), Somalia (water purification assistance),  Kabul, Afghanistan (war rehabilitation assistance,   Pakistan (providing rehabilitation and assistance), Indonesia (art therapy sessions for young children),  Panjab Drugs Project (drugs abuse in Panjab), Pathargaat, Dhaka in Bangladesh (cyclone effected area), Panjab Floods (Panjab floods relief), Haiti (providing water pumps), UK, Somerset (flood relief), Syria (refugee assistance), Iraq/Kurdistan (refugee assistance).